GeoIT Navigation Talks

Smartphones and Mobile Navigation were ranked by the YouGov survey as very important innovations for businesses and customers in the ongoing 21st century. Navigation is also considered further as a key technology in the upcoming revolution of autonomous driving cars. These developments need the interaction of IT with Mobile Computing and GeoIT providers together with early adopters to create a new demanding market for it. To push that, the largest Android Conference Droidcon, the GeoIT Association for Geoinformatics, GeoIT and Navigation e.V. and fair IFA Berlin announce together the event “GeoIT Navigation Talks – today and tomorrow”. You are invited to participant and to get into direct contact with large GeoIT Industry Players like Google, HERE, Navinfo, Telenav and TomTom just the next day after the Droidcon conference at the very same location in the CityCube Berlin.

GeoIT.org Members: